Wall Street is a trial of attracting our attention to a fragmental reality. All the divisions into roams of human activity that started to emerge in the culture of the enlightenment led only a very few ones to a clear understanding of the steering system of our today’s reality. It’s main target is a full and total control over every single human being. For full security and manipulation not everyone can be informed about the secrets concerning mechanism of world’s business functioning. Tomas Werner’s
work highlights the fact that the institutional system which has been created in the
era of capitalism possesses numerous dangers. The author tries in some sense to fight with the banking system. This fight is doomed to failure, however the artist has no intention to give up. As he says: “I stole one working hour from each bank as it
is exactly how much time a bank clerk had to devote to open a bank account for
me”. Tomas Werner was visiting banking institutions where he was opening bank accounts and then closing them on the following day. Werner’s activity is a way of pondering over our democratic system and the process of functioning of the free market. As Fukuyama writes in his “The end of history” that the alternative solution for a capitalistic system has been dead a long time ago. A question arises here: Does the world of democracy, a world of free market, where the most important role is played by monetary goods still keeps the place for a vision of the better world where other values are at the core?

Maciej Kurak

Post Office Gallery, Poznan
20 bank accounts contracts, 1 pen, 1 coffee